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Blaine Bradford Anderson

"Because I can't stand to be away from the person I love."

2 January
NOTE: Prior to episode 2x12 of Glee, Blaine didn't have a surname. For the purposes of all active verses, I randomly gave him the surname Bradford. As of 17/02/2011, I have made this name his middle name and adopted his canon surname. Blaine's name for this muse and for the purposes of all verses he is in is now BLAINE BRADFORD ANDERSON.

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Blaine is young gay high school guy in his Junior year at Dalton Academy. He is comfortable with his sexuality, however suffered at the hands of bullying because of it at his previois school before transferring to Dalton where he found solace in an environment with a zero-tolerance policy. Blaine is a talented singer and dancer, being part of the school's Glee Club, the Dalton Academy Warblers. He soon encounters Kurt Hummel from rival Ohio school, McKinley High, and sees himself in the younger guy, both being gay and suffering through difficult childhoods after coming out. They forge a close friendship, with Blaine guiding Kurt through some tough times by offering advice from his own past experiences.

However, it comes to light that Blaine isn't as confident as he lets on. Singing is where he has the most strength, but without the lyrics to hide behind, Blaine is actually just as innocent and inexperienced as Kurt is. Their friendship continues to grow with hints that there could be more between the two on the horizon, but like any amazing romance, it never comes without its hurdles.



NEW DIRECTION [MUSEBOX] // thenewdirection

This is a closed musebox for a bunch of Glee players to get their muses out to play and explore facets of current canon. We kick off in the summer between Seasons 3 and 4, with half the characters graduation and half still with their senior year at McKinley High to go. Most characters will stick closely to canon, however there may be some loose differences due to not having an entire cast here.

We also include a tiny handful of original characters developed with a niche in canon. We will play random scenes or chats simultaneous to episodes airing, and fill in gaps with our interpretation of what the characters are experiencing beyond facets of the episode.

BEYOND MCKINLEY // beyondmckinley

Blaine and Kurt began a romantic relationship at the beginning of Kurt's Junior year at McKinley following a brief period where Kurt transferred to Dalton to escape the dangerous bullying. They dated steadily and exclusively right up until Blaine's graduation from Dalton, and Blaine was Kurt's first sexual encounter. However, things came to a grinding halt when Blaine got accepted to Oxford University in England to study Music and Performing Arts. Kurt, not in favour at all of long distance relationships, encouraged Blaine to go... and then broke up with him.

The confusion over their remaining feelings for each other and the large distance between them caused them to lose touch save for the odd email occasionally, which tapered off into nothing eventually. Now, out of the blue, Blaine is in New York City, where Kurt has been studying Fashion Design, and shows up and Quinn and Kurt's McKinley reunion party, though the exact reason he is there remains to be revealed...

BACK WITH BAGGAGE // backwithbaggage

Blaine was devastated when his relationship when his relationship with Kurt ended in a fiery mess the night of the Nationals celebrations. Amidst the Great New Directions Explosion that night, photos were revealed of Blaine and Sam kissing and before Blaine had a chance to explain that he had been slipped a roofie during a Warblers party and that he and Sam were so drugged off their face they had no recollection of it, Kurt ended things and told Blaine he never wanted to see him again. Heartbroken, Blaine accepted a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London, and went to live there with his grandparents.

He formed a band with some classmates at university and one night whilst singing at a charity concert, he was talent-scouted by a musical agent and within months, Blaine was signed to a three-record deal and had his first CD on the shelves by Christmas the year following his departure from Ohio. He never finished college, instead throwing it in to focus on his music career and became a hit throughout Britain and Europe by the time he hit 25. He is now about to break into the international market with a promo tour across the USA, which was, by pure fate, timed simultaneously to receiving an invite from one Will Schuester via Facebook for the McKinley High's 10 year reunion...

IN LOVE IN LONDON // inloveinlondon

Blaine never expected to win the scholarship to Oxford University when he was submitted for it by his music teacher at Dalton. In fact, he had laughed it off when he agreed to the offer, though at the time, Kurt had given him a look that clearly said "Okay, we better seriously think about the what-ifs here". Which they did. On and off, the discussed what might happen if Blaine won the prestigious award, and by the time the news came that he had, their parents were aware and everyone knew it was a very real option.

Although it was sad and bittersweet knowing Kurt and Blaine would be moving overseas, it was clearly an amazing opportunity. Blaine felt guilty he was taking Kurt away from his family, but Kurt promised him they would be fine and he would be by Blaine's side no matter what. It was after that heart-to-heart that Blaine went right out and purchased Kurt a diamond solitaire engagement ring with money he inherited off his late grandmother, and got down on one knee and popped the question to Kurt in front of their whole class at their graduation. They were in London a year and heading into their second year of university when they had a huge wedding at a country manor house, and they haven't looked back since.

Kurt with his booming businesses and Blaine adoring being a Music teacher at a very Daltonesque (yet co-ed) private school, life was just wonderful for them both. They own their home, and always make sure they have time together, no matter how busy they are. Their relationship has faced very few hitches, and they face everything as a team. Neither of them could have expected what Quinn's surprise visit was about to bring them, and literally turn their life suddenly upside down.

FROM LIMA TO LA // fromlimatola

[Continued from Kurt's bio HERE] Meeting Kurt and falling in love with him was the best thing that ever happened to Blaine. After that, everything else was just an added extra on life. He was happy to support Kurt with his NYADA dream, but he couldn't deny he was over the moon when Kurt decided to repeat senior year because he had never been sure how they would cope in a long-distance relationship when they couldn't even handle a few months of separation when Kurt went back to McKinley from Dalton. When Kurt got signed to the modelling agency in LA, there was no question in Blaine's mind he was going to follow the love of his life. Really, he could study Performing Arts anywhere.

He enjoyed college and it allowed him to graduate with Honours. He accompanied Kurt on some of his overseas jaunts for his modelling, but when he couldn't, they missed each other dearly and made distinct use of the joys of Skype. When Blaine auditioned and got the role in the new medical drama starting out, he wasn't sure about television acting, but the show took off with a bang and he was soon a celebrity in his own right in the role of surgeon, Dr Tyler Carter, on Hollywood, M.D.. His relationship still went strong, though, and on Kurt's generous wage and Blaine now with a steady job, they ended up buying their first home in the Hollywood Hills after renting for so long.

Blaine is still unsure of the whole celebrity lifestyle and keeps it all real as much as he can. He's still Blaine in essence and the fame hasn't changed him. He adores having his friends close, and behind closed doors, his connection Kurt has always been as it was. They adore each other, and despite the disagreement about marriage, where Blaine would love nothing more than to make Kurt his husband, they're still deeply in love and work to keep their relationship their top priority above all else.

GLEE'S ANATOMY // gleesanatomy

Blaine was born into an upper class family to a lawyer father and obsetrician mother. He went to private schools his whole life, and graduated all-boys boarding school, Dalton Academy in Westerville Ohio. Despite music being his one true love, after coming out of the closet when he was 15 years old and never really being able to get his father's acceptance of who he was, Blaine decided to try and get his father's approval via career choice instead and he was accepted to Yale School of Medicine and eventually graduated with a Masters in Trauma and Emergency Surgery after topping his class in Med School. His father never did accept Blaine's sexuality and after graduating and being posted to his first job at a trauma unit in Miami, Florida, Blaine became estranged from his parents, despite being an only child.

He now works as Chief Resident of Surgical at William McKinley General Hospital in his homestate of Ohio, scoring the position after a three month stint working Doctors Without Borders in Africa. Little did he realise that upon his return, his life was about to get tipped upside down by the one and only Nurse Kurt Hummel...

SLIDING MOMENTS // slidingmoments

In the days at his old public high school in Cleveland, Ohio, Blaine was a quiet and unassuming kid from a well-off family and spent his time shared between studying a lot to keep his grades on top to please his father, and being involved in sports his father chose for him of polo and fencing. Blaine's musical talents were honed by way of singing lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons and guitar lessons, but he was taught to not let hobbies get in the way of his studies so he could follow in his father's footsteps and become a lawyer. Dalton Academy was always an option of high schools for Blaine, but begged his parents to let him go to the local public high school and his father only agreed to it with sheer reluctance after Blaine's grandmother went into bat for her only grandson.

It was when Blaine came out in his sophomore year that everything went down the toilet for him. It took a lot of guts for him to tell his parents he was gay, and his father wasn't happy with the prospect at all, and started to pull Blaine into more "masculine" activities under the guise of father-son bonding such as sports and refurbishing. Blaine went along with it, but he always knew his father disapproved of him being gay, and things just got more and more difficult for Blaine as the months passed. Coming out got him badly bullied on a daily basis and he stuck close to his friend who was also recently out. It peaked at the Sadie Hawkins dance in November that year when they decided to go together. Leaving the dance together when it was all said and done, Blaine and his friend were viciously attacked by homophobes and Blaine suffered terrible injuries that landed him in hospital for many weeks, including a skull fracture he was kept in a coma for whilst the swelling on his brain reduced.

Blaine missed a lot of school, and he was left with a fear of returning in case it happened all over again. He started to have panic attacks in the wake of the attack and fell into a depression over the mere thought of returning to school where the bullies attending. In his darkest hour after it all happened when he couldn't see a way out of the mess, he took an overdose of his grandmother's pain medication in her bathroom and tried to take his own life. Luckily she knew to check on him, and when she found him, she forced her fingers down his throat to get him to throw the pills back up. He spent a few more days in hospital after that and that was where the decision was made for him to go to Dalton Academy as a safehaven where they had zero-tolerance on bullying of any sort. With the amount of school Blaine missed, he had to repeat his sophomore year, but it was the best decision he ever made.

He enjoyed Dalton, and after using music to help him through his recovery, decided he wanted to become a Musical Therapist when he finished high school and started to work towards that goal. He joined the Warblers and was soon elected head singer with them, and took a summer job at King's Island performing in various shows there. He threw himself 100% into his music talents and started to thrive and accept himself and his sexuality, hoping one day to find someone he could share everything with... and maybe fall in love. Someone who just got him.

In a strange turn of events, in junior year, Blaine met Noah Puckerman one day at Dalton and with the lack of uniform, Blaine intercepted him and interrogated him about who he was and where he was from. Reluctantly, Puck confessed he was from McKinley High, the school the Warblers were to be up against at Sectionals and in a way Blaine couldn't quite explain, they became friends. From there, the friendship just grew and they hung out a lot, soon becoming the epitome of BFFs and it was a relationship Blaine cherished. He had never had a best friend before, and even though Puck was very, very straight, they just clicked and remained close throughout the rest of their school days.

After that, Blaine got accepted into two different Musical Therapy programs, one in Boston and one at the University of Miami. Puck, with a yearning to become a cop, talked Blaine into picking Miami because he "knew people there", so the choice was made and they got a place together near the beach in Miami. Blaine started college and is now in his final year but also teaching kids piano in his spare time for cash. He is content, but still searching... never quite managing to feel complete. Something is missing, he has just never been able to put his finger on exactly what.

HELLO, BROADWAY! // hellobroadway

After growing up in the small-minded town of Lima, Ohio and having his talents and dreams stifled at every turn for simply being himself, Kurt Hummel's dreams came true. Many years of dreaming about making it into the spotlight and trapsing the boards of a Broadway stage, everything began to fall into place when he scored a prized position at NYADA, the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts after acing his audition in front of Broadway superstar and NYADA's infamous alum, Carmen Tibideaux. He was awared a place in her inagural class, and Kurt kissed goodbye to Lima and William McKinley High School forever.

He thrived in NYADA and it was like he was born to live in New York City. Repeatedly told he was destined for big things as his talents just became more honed and polished with his NYADA training, just shy of reaching his third year at NYADA, Kurt audition for the leading role in a reprise of The Boy From Oz set to relaunch on Broadway. With a letter of recommendation from Carmen, and his audition of Not The Boy Next Door still fresh in his mind, Kurt owned the audition and scored the role... his first on Broadway after starring in some off-Broadway productions during the course of college.

Now in his third and final year of the production that will end in the summer, Kurt is about to face the next huge step in his life - marrying his high school sweethear, Blaine Anderson. After Kurt graduated from McKinley and went on to New York, Blaine stayed in Ohio to finish his final year of high school. The separation was difficult, and one of the hardest things they ever faced, but they got through it and as Blaine made it towards the end of his high school career, he was accepted into the Bachelor of Music program at Juilliard, majoring in Voice. Kurt was just as thrilled for Blaine as Blaine had been for Kurt on his college acceptance, and they got their first apartment together, a cute little studio in the Upper East Side a short walk from Central Park. And it was in Central Park on Kurt's 21st birthday on a rowboat that Blaine proposed to Kurt just a week after Kurt was offered the part on Broadway.

It's now six years after Kurt made it to New York, and he's about to hit his 25th birthday. His three-year Broadway run is about to end, he graduated NYADA two years prior, he's going to get married in the summer, and his amazing fiance is about to start his Masters of Music at Juilliard whilst working as a Broadway vocal coach. It was a beloved job Blaine scored after graduating the year before. It meant he got to work at the same place as Kurt, and it also led to his decision to futher his musical studies seeing as Juilliard was right there at his fingertips. Kurt is not a Broadway superstar in his own right, and has a bevvy of new leading roles on offer to him, and also a movie role that he's not sure whether he wants to take. To top it all off, they're about to sign the contracts on their first owned apartment amidst plans for a massive New York society wedding. Everything has more than fallen into place for the couple over the years after they both went through much pain and heartache in their teen years, and as far as they're both concerned, they can't wait to start this next chapter of their lives together... successful and legally married in New York City before they hit 30.

LEAVING LIMA // leavinglima

Everyone expected Kurt Hummel to move to New York with Rachel Berry when the first wave of New Directions kids graduated William McKinley High. Even Kurt himself. But when his application to the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYADA) was rejected simultaneous to Rachel being accepted, all of Kurt's plans got thrown out the window and his feelings started to shift and change. Did he really want to still go to New York? Was NYADA ever solely his dream, or just a bi-product of getting swept up in the fantastical moment of living in New York with Rachel?

It was right after the McKinley Class of 2012 graduation ceremony that Kurt encountered Santana Lopez in the school carpark and the two resident HBIC's shared a long overdue heart-to-heart about nostalgia and future plans. This is where it came to light that Santana, too, had dreams of success in the Big Apple but she had no idea what she wanted or how to get it. Suddenly, Kurt and Santana were floating around in the same post-graduation boat of uncertainty, and it was in a moment of reckless abandonment and spontaneity that they decided to storm NYC... together. Neither knew what the city would have in store for them, and both faced the scary prospects of leaving their high school sweethearts behind. But if two gay bitches couldn't take on the world and own it, who could...

... right? With that, they head to New York to find a place to live together and a way to start the next chapter in their lives. Who will join then in the Big Apple and who will they leave behind in Lima to miss the fabulous asses of the resident gay and lesbian queens? But more importantly, how will Blaine and Brittany cope without their other halves... and will the relationships survive the much anticipated and nerve-wracking distance?

QUEER AS GLEE // queerasglee

The two worlds of Queer as Folk and Glee collide. Blaine Anderson is the biological son of Michael Novotny, who was going to raise him with husband, Ben Bruckner, before Ben passed away from HIV post-QAF canon. Michael remained a single dad and raised Blaine on his own. Blaine's hometown has always been Pittsburgh, which is where he went to public school prior to the Sadie Hawkins bashing. It was after that, Michael decided to send him to Dalton, where Brian and Justin have their two sons. Michael's own sexuality was never a prominent issue once Ben died because he couldn't face the thought of another relationship. He focused solely on raising Blaine, and when Blaine came out mid-teens, Michael panicked that he might end up like Ben with HIV, he tried to stifle Blaine's sexuality thinking it would be safer for him to be "normal", much to the disapproval of his mom, Debbie, and best friend, Brian, and much to the confusion and isolation of Blaine. Blaine has an older brother to his biological mother, Wendy, called Cooper. Wendy was a friend of Ben's in Pittsburgh at the college he taught at.

All verse information regarding the crossover facets can be found HERE.

NEW YORK NOIRE // newyorknoire

Glee met New York, but not in a way anyone from Lima, Ohio could ever have anticipated. When Kurt Hummel didn't get accepted into NYADA, something inside him changed just a little bit and it became all-encompassing for him to succeed and show all the people who judged him and never gave him a chance that he didn't need them to make it to the top. He went to New York anyway, leaving the love of his life, Blaine Anderson, behind to finish his final year of high school. The distance worked for a little while, but when Kurt's attention became solely focused on his ambition, cracks started to show and the relationship became strained. Kurt, scorned over his NYADA loss, threw all interest in becoming a performer out the window and fashion design became his new niche... and it turns out it's where his talent lay all along.

Portfolio in hand, Kurt Hummel Designs quickly stormed through the fashion industry, and he had soon established a name for himself as New York's latest upcoming designer and name to be wearing on the red carpet. His head spun in the cutthroat industry, but he thrived on it. But getting caught up in the fame and fortune, Kurt let his relationship with Blaine completely break down, and when Kurt kept forgetting to return Blaine's calls, Blaine had to resort to email to end the beautiful relationship they had shared. Kurt was crushed, his head so far in the clouds, he never even saw it coming. He had taken Blaine for granted, and when Blaine refused to talk to him to try and work things out, having believed rumours Kurt had been cheating on him with some gay socialite hairdresser from London, Kurt's glitzy foundations started to shake underneath him.

He fell into a depression and he ached every single day with Blaine's loss. He couldn't cope, and it was in once again trying to call Blaine on his cell phone after an industry schmoozing party one evening that Kurt stepped out in front of a speeding car at a busy intersection in Manhattan and suffered such extensive injuries, he was almost killed on impact with barely a few life breaths left in him. It all happened so quickly that no one ever really got the full story, but it was a mysterious stranger who had been following Kurt home from the party, sensing the distinct misery in the young man whose talent he had become fascinated with... one Aidan Wright, a Kindred from the Toreador Clan, a Clan known to have a distinct attraction to all things fine and beautiful. Kurt and his talent was the epitome of this, and Aidan couldn't just let the boy die and waste such beauty. He rescued Kurt from scene of the accident, pulling him into a dark alley, and Embraced him against his will.

Kurt Hummel was Kindred, and the world would never be the same again.

WE'RE GLEE FAMILY // weregleefamily

What if the close-knit Glee family were more than just friends? What if the fate of their parents meant some of the beloved members of New Directions and the Warblers were family? Discovering here how things could have been different if eight of the Gleeks had family connections before Kurt and Finn had to find their feet as stepbrothers. Kurt & Quinn, Puck & Blaine, Nick & Jeff, and Mike & Tina are connected by family ties, so what would have happened differently, and how would things have twisted and changed?

Detailed verse information can be found HERE.

ALWAYS A WARBLER // alwaysawarbler

At the end of his junior year, Kurt Hummel decided not to go back to McKinley. Instead, he stayed at Dalton with the safety and love of boyfriend Blaine Anderson, and friends like Nick and Jeff, who made him truly feel at home.

What he didn't know was that things at McKinley with the New Directions? Would change quickly, too. There was discontent in the ranks, and while Noah Puckerman began to get into more and more trouble, Mike Chang began to realize that his talents could serve him far better elsewhere. Meanwhile, Finn Hudson was missing his brother and seriously wondering if he could cope in the ranks of a private school, whilst current fellow Dalton Warblers to Blaine, Nick and Jeff, were discovering that new friend and new feelings could turn their comfort zone upside down. Throw into the mix Ms Holly Holliday, who recently scored a permanent teaching position at Dalton, and has caught the eye of the school nurse and brand spanking new sex ed teacher, things are guaranteed a shaking up...

GLEE DIARIES // gleediaries

Each Glee episode tells a story of a group of very unique young misfits as they grow up, but just what really goes through their heads during the music-laden events of their lives? This is where we find out.

This is where a Glee re-watch of all three seasons to date, character studies, head canons, and challenge for the muns to get into their characters' heads all comes together. It comes out the other side as a series of private diary entries that will paint the story of their personal thoughts, emotions and responses to their lives as woven through the episodes.


I only ship Kurt/Blaine. It is unlikely I will ever be comfortable writing my Blaine in a ship with anyone but Kurt because they're so amazing together. The Kurt to my Blaine is, and always will be, singslikeagirl/justbeingaqueen. Open and free to conversation/threading with anyone but OC family members of Blaine and/or Kurt. Not open to shipping or smut writing with anyone but justbeingaqueen.

Blaine in all verses, and his mun, are mostly certainly over 18 years of age.

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